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Favorite Finds Friday-9-16-16

On Tip Tuesday of this week I wrote about a strategy that I find helpful when trying to get over heartbreak. This strategy is most helpful for reminding me of the characteristics or behaviors that God was presenting to me and I ignored them. So God is my focus for Favorite Finds Friday. I searched… Continue reading Favorite Finds Friday-9-16-16

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Tip Tuesday-The Naughty List-9-13-16

I really wanted to bring you a Tip this Tuesday about anything other than what is at the forefront of my mind right now but I just can’t come up with anything. So, my Tip is again relationship oriented. This time about a break in a relationship. There is tons of advice about how to… Continue reading Tip Tuesday-The Naughty List-9-13-16

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Tip Tuesday-8-2-2016-Communicate

Communicate – You’ve heard this so many times as advice in all kinds of relationships. I am learning just how important this is! Now, when you are in a relationship where you feel safe to speak your mind – in a respectful way, of course, you are more apt to communicate more often. I have… Continue reading Tip Tuesday-8-2-2016-Communicate

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Tip Tuesday – 7-12-16-Peach Cobbler-Gluten Free

If you ever find yourself in the position to start using Gluten Free Flour due to Celiac’s Disease or if you are like me, have an intolerance to gluten, then I highly recommend Better Batter Flour. I have tried several different brands of gluten free flours and mixes including Bob’s Red Mill and Pamela’s products.… Continue reading Tip Tuesday – 7-12-16-Peach Cobbler-Gluten Free

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He said, “Stay there. I’m done.”

And so I did. It hurts. I decided to stay. But, he didn’t ask me to come back. In fact, didn’t hear from him for 3 days. But, when I did, I said, “I want a divorce.” And so it goes. A week of negotiations. A weekend of moving and emotional hurt. Now, just waiting… Continue reading He said, “Stay there. I’m done.”


Tip Tuesday-Another Use for Deodorant-7-5-2016

This Tip Tuesday is a continuation of last week’s Tip Tuesday by accident. In case you missed last week’s, you can see it here. Even though hair conditioner is a great substitute for shaving cream, NOTHING makes up for not having a good razor. Silly me used a not very good disposable a couple of… Continue reading Tip Tuesday-Another Use for Deodorant-7-5-2016

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Favorite Finds Friday-7-1-2016

My first Favorite Find I paid 50 cents for last Friday. It’s something new/old to hold my tea. I used to have a little wooden chest but since I am getting divorced and had limited space in my moving van, I had to pick and choose things to pack. This Oversized Tea Cup is perfect… Continue reading Favorite Finds Friday-7-1-2016