Tip Tuesday-Another Use for Deodorant-7-5-2016

Tip Tuesday

This Tip Tuesday is a continuation of last week’s Tip Tuesday by accident. In case you missed last week’s, you can see it here.

Even though hair conditioner is a great substitute for shaving cream, NOTHING makes up for not having a good razor.

Silly me used a not very good disposable a couple of days ago and it was not a pretty picture. It nicked every little bump it could find.

I normally just stick some toilet tissue on it and within a few minutes the bleeding has stopped. Not in this case! I just would not stop bleeding.

So, to Pinterest I went and tried a couple of things

  1. Chapstick – I don’t use the Chapstick brand. I only use Burt’s Bees. This did not work at all
  2. Deodorant – YAY! Success. After holding a little pressure to temporarily stop the bleeding, I smeared Secret all over the spots and IT WORKED. The bleeding stopped immediately.

I imagine other brands of roll on deodorant would work, Secret was the only roll on deodorant I had in the arsenal.

I hope the next time you get a nick, remember to pull out the deodorant and stop those bleeding nicks!



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