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Sea of Sunflowers

My mom, dog and I took a drive to an area of north Louisiana today where we had never been. We are native south Arkansans and have been all over north Louisiana, or so we thought.

Gilliam Sunflowers 1
Gilliam, LA
Belcher  LA Home 1
Belcher, LA

There is a state highway that parallels I-49 between Shreveport and Texarkana, LA 3049. A string a small, historic towns are along this highway – Gilliam, Belcher, and Dixie. Now Dixie is really just a farm now and not a community but it was thriving back in the late 1800s and early 1900s.


The farm in Dixie grows many things like cotton, maize and peaches but the sunflower field is the coolest.

Dixie, LA


Dixie, LA


Dixie, LA

You can read an article featuring the Sunflowers here in the Shreveport Times.



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