Favorite Finds Friday-Last One?

Favorite Finds Friday is coming to end??  OH NO!!

You might have thought so since I am late AGAIN! 🙂

Just Kidding!

Nerdy Librarian Life is actually gonna be legit now at and FFF WILL CONTINUE THERE!!

I have been working on the migration process for the past couple of weeks and it’s ready for new posts but it is still under construction. There is SO MUCH more I can do with it now and there is a learning curve to figuring all of it out.

Expect some additions and modifications and make sure you bookmark the new site so you won’t miss posts and other exciting things!

Now that the big announcement is out of the way here are my favs for this past week:

OnSuttonPlace is a new site/blog I discovered this week.

I love her style and projects. I especially like this recycled grain sack tray.


A while back I came across this YouTube video of a bleach pen shirt project and thought it was pretty cool. But, you know how it goes if you don’t pin it or bookmark  it . . . out of sight, out of mind.

So, when I came across this one , I pinned it right away because what a great way to make a custom t-shirt or tank for summer or recycle something with a stain on it.


Wedding Chicks

I have been hunting for a towel hook to replace the builder grade silver piece of crap in our guest bathroom and haven’t had much luck . . . well, that is on my cheap budget. When I saw this idea, I now have a mission to find an old cabinet door and then a trip to the hardware store. I like this a lot better than just a piece of lumber or something that looks too commercial.




Last one is one of those AHA! Why didn’t I think of that moments.

How many times have you passed up a piece of furniture at the flea market or antique store because you couldn’t get past the 1980’s carvings in the wood?

I know I have lots of times.

Sometimes you just gotta see past the carved hearts or flowers and see the bones of the piece like this project.

How was it done? Just fill it in with paintable wood putty!

Wood putty carving fill


See, I told you, a totally duh! moment. The filigree pieces she placed on the front are easy to find at home improvement stores.

I Love It!!

I hope you found inspiration and pleasure in the FFF this week!

Don’t Forget to start coming by! I will keep posting here with a reminder for a little while until you get used to it and/or bookmark it.





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