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Favorite Finds Friday


Hello Nerdy Friends! I hope you’ve had a great week!

My husband came home today after being gone a business trip for 2 weeks. To welcome him home, I made one of his favorite dishes:

Slow Cooker Barbacoa Beef


The Kitchn

This recipe from TheKitchn makes A LOT! I halved the recipe because we didn’t need enough for 30 tacos. I hope you try it!

Slowly but surely more and more food companies are coming on the gluten free bandwagon. This week at WalMart I discovered Martha White Gluten Free Muffin Mix. As of now, they carry Blueberry and Chocolate with Chocolate Chips.

I bought the latter and I have to say it’s pretty good for $1.48 a package. Instead of muffins I made the mix in bar/brownie form and with some good Ole’ Blue Bell on it, it’s delicious!

MW GF Chocolate Mix
Martha White

Speaking of the hubby, I am working on getting him to downsize when we move (hopefully soon) and when I found this little house plan, I just fell in love with it. It’s the perfect size for just the two us and it just looks like it belongs in the mountains.

1383SF House Plan

Last, but not least, this little book table would be so cute in our mountain house or the bookstore I want to open. I credit my little find to my childhood best friend, Amy. She sent the pin to me this week ’cause she just knew I would love it!


That’s it for this week my friends. I hope you found something to try, buy or build. 🙂

See ya next Friday!



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