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Favorite Finds Friday-Home Edition


Hello friends! I am back in south Texas and it feels good to be home surrounded by all my creative messes projects.  The day after I get back, painters show up at 8 am sharp to paint our ceiling and fix some drywall. Since the ceiling in the kitchen needed painting, I had to take everything off the top of the kitchen cabinets.

Have you ever got on a ladder and checked the top of your cabinets? I have cleaned them before but it is one of the grossest places to clean in the kitchen. Grease and cooking residue collecting dust on everything.


I did a little Pinterest search and found this on how to clean the tops of cabinets. She suggests two ways 1) a commercial cleaner such as scrubbing bubbles or 2) vinegar and baking soda. With the baking soda way there is extra wiping. I usually lean this way for cleaning but I have a huge bottle of Mr. Clean Citrus that smells really good and I like the way it cleans so I decided to use it. With both methods the most helpful tool is a scraper of some sort. She uses a credit card but I have several scrapers like this that I normally use with stoneware so I used that.


I was well pleased with the ease of cleaning and the results.

Although this cleaning method is pretty darn easy, I really don’t look forward to going up and down a step ladder about 100 more times so I used this trick. (#6)

I love wax paper for all sorts of things! Check out the rest of this post for more uses.


After the painters left, the paint odor was so bad that both my husband and I went to bed that night with headaches. Opening our windows for ventilation is not an option. It’s been 80 degrees here in south Texas. So, I went on another search for an alternate solution and found this. It worked like a charm. I left 4 bowls out overnight throughout the house and the smell was gone when we woke up.


Vinegar is so versatile. Not only is it great for cleaning and other home uses, it works great on your hubby’s burnt finger, too. 🙂 Check out Reader’s Digest website for this list of what else works on minor burns other than diluted vinegar.

Thanks for taking a little different path this week for FFF. I hope you found something useful and that can be a time and energy saver….and save a burnt finger!





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