Favorite Finds Friday


Well Hello! I am late again with FFF. I took my computer to Arkansas but it died shortly after my last post and I didn’t have any other way of posting so here is FFF late again.

I realize my first find might be an old find for some of you but I just discovered it and that is PUL fabric. I would love to get some of this and make snack bags like this or waterproof pouches like this. So convenient and handy and the price per yard (for solids) is not bad at all.


I love this Onesie Quilt. What a great way to save those cute character onesies for your kids to cherish a little bit longer.

Onesie Quilt

I have tried my hand at crochet and it’s a lot harder than it looks at first. I guess I need to have a little more patience with myself but I quit count and cross stitch a long time ago because I lost patience with it. I might just be able to get into this way of knitting, though. Who knew you could re-purpose a toe separator for such a thing!

Fashion Mode Styling Outfit DIY
Toe Separator Knitting

I hope something here inspires you! I am still working on the adventure with glue and styrofoam blog so stay tuned for a glue freebie!



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