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Favorite Finds Friday (On a Tuesday)

Yeah, I know it’s Tuesday.  But, I couldn’t stand not posting about some of my favorite finds from last week.


Better late than never, they say!

I traveled to Arkansas last Wednesday because my mom had hip surgery scheduled for Thursday, February 25.  Surgery went well and she is home now. I have been super busy getting her settled and being her primary caregiver so this is the first real chance I’ve had to blog.

Over on Sew Mama Sew there is a great list of quilting and sewing supplies that can be purchased at a hardware store. Many of them are less expensive than the comparable products at fabric stores. The comments are well worth the read, also. Many mention items from other stores such as Ikea where products can be found a lot cheaper.




Another great sewing tip if you are working on projects with ruffles is courtesy of So Sew Easy. If you don’t have a gathering or ruffler foot for your sewing machine this little tip could be a life saver.


I have a toddler dress project similar to this in the near future and am planning on trying the gathering of the skirt this way. I am thinking of a blog series about my toddler dress adventure so I will keep you updated on how well this tip works.

It’s been a long while since I’ve made a garment, so wish me luck! 😉

Last one is Fabric Labels- How to Make them for Cheap! by Gabriels Good Tidings.


As I make more and more things, I realize I should start labeling the products. I am toying with the idea of selling some things either online or through consignment  and this will be a must for marketing.  Gabriel’s Good Tidings process seems like a great way to get started with product labels.

I hope you found something useful and enjoyable to take away from my FFF this week!

I am staying in Arkansas for a while so make sure you don’t miss future posts and photos from my home state by following Nerdy Librarian Life through email.



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