Favorite Finds Friday


Have you had a good week? I know I have. I’ve found so many pretty and interesting finds that I want to share with you this week.

Sadly, I can’t share all of them because I just don’t have the time but here goes the best of the best this week.

I Love Teapots so I couldn’t pass this one up to share. I love how it doubles as storage and when she needs to use the pinchushion she just turns it upside down on the teapot. So pretty!


Teapot Pincushion over on Sadie Season Goods

I always thought vinyl or plastic doilies were yuck and kinda cheesy looking. But not when Nicabella repurposes them. Check out how you can take a dollar store item and make it look fabulous.

doily pencil cup

Doily Pencil Cup over on Hello Nicabella

Just last week I was trying to re-organize my ribbon stash in plastic tote boxes. If I had the room, I would be on a hunt at the thrift stores for a movie stand like this one. Then my ribbon would be stylish and organized.


Movie Stand Ribbon Storage Rack over on Fynes Designs

My next two finds were found while re-organizing and cleaning my craft room. I didn’t plan on showcasing things I had stashed and had forgotten about but I couldn’t pass these gems up either.

The first is an appliqued abandoned quilt square. I found this in an antique store back in November and tucked it away still in the sack. Shame on me! I pulled it out today and got excited all over again. That’s the fun in stashing things, right?

I would love to frame this lovely and hang it on my craft room wall. The colors are just so bright and happy!

Flower Applique 1

Flower Applique 2

Applique Calico Flower

Last but not least, a hidden and probably not thought of freebie for all of you.

Do you ever think about going into fabric stores or interior design firms and asking for discontinued fabric samples?

I used to do it all the time when I was teaching Interior Design to my high school students. They were required to keep a portfolio of the Elements and Principles of Design as well as present a design board to the class at the end of the semester.

This broke teacher couldn’t afford to buy fabric for them to use in their projects. So, I hit the fabric stores and interior design firms up for discontinued samples of their designer and custom order fabrics.

They are just going to throw them away – they are last year’s colors and patterns. High school students do not care about that, they just want an “A”!

So, today I found a sample book I had kept from like 5 years ago and proceeded to deconstruct it and keep the 100% cotton fabrics (basically scrap size) for small projects in the future.

Deconstructed Fabric Sample

Discontinued Fabric Samples

Fabric Samples like this one come in the same four or five patterns but different colorways. Great for making similar items but in different colors.

Fabric Samples

Variety of colorways – same patterns

I also have a stash of formica countertop samples I still haven’t figured out how to re-purpose. Ideas welcomed!




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