DIY Sweetheart of a Bunting

I know a lot of people think Valentine’s Day is  just a made up holiday for commercial reasons and most single folks just loathe the day. There’s even a Shooting Target Range here in town that is offering a special today. Buy a stuffed teddy bear and shoot him up. I suppose to get your frustrations out about the stupidity of the day, hmmmm….maybe??

HA! I think I’ll pass!

But, I have no shame in saying I milk Valentine’s Day! February is my month! I have Valentine’s, Birthday and Wedding Anniversary all in February. And it’s not my fault they all fall in February. I had no say in Valentine’s or my Birthday and I tried to convince my dear hubby to get married in the summer but he wouldn’t have it.

He calls it “the month” and he has to come up with several gift ideas but, hey, he has all year to think about it!

I also love Valentine’s Day because I love the color hot pink, the color in our wedding.

All of the below wedding decorations I made myself, including the bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, memory flower arrangement, bows, paper cones, unity candle decoration, flower girl basket and headband, and teacups for the reception.

I also printed our invitations. And I can’t believe I did it all my first year of teaching!!

This is the best time to bring out the pink, hot pink, red, white fabric, scrapbook paper and home decor and do it up.

This year, I made a bunting for the mantel. During a recent thrift store trip, I found 2-84” curtain panels with a pink background and 8” hot pink hearts all over them. At $1.50, I couldn’t pass them up and they just screamed Valentine’s Day.

Sweetheart Bunting



As soon as I got them home, I started cutting them up and got a LOT of hearts (way more than I needed for 1 bunting) and a lot of scrap pink fabric. I thought about making the hearts into sachets or pillows but those ideas just weren’t inspiring me.

I know when I surf Pinterest, there are a lot of buntings and garlands of different sizes and made from a variety of things so I started brainstorming and this is what I came up with. A shabby chic bunting made with mixed media.

If you read my post Falling in Love Again, you will recognize the letters I cut out from my Cricut.

Bunting Project

The fabric hearts I cut out with pinking shears leaving a little of the light pink showing on the edges. I already had the burlap and just the right amount of white bias tape. The streamers are a combination of scrap strips from previous projects and different types of laces from my stash.

Bunting Bus

I used Heat‘n Bond Lite to attach the hearts to the burlap and then hot glued the letters to the hearts. I am very pleased with the way it turned out and hope to use it for many Februarys to come.

Soft Bunting


If anyone is interested in a tutorial, just leave me a comment and I’ll create one.

Side Sweetheart Bunting

Have any ideas on how I could use the rest of my hot pink hearts??



3 thoughts on “DIY Sweetheart of a Bunting

  1. I love projects when you are able to re-purpose items! Turned out super cute. Thanks for linking up at the CCBG. Can’t wait to see what you share this coming week!

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