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Failure is an Option

Some of you may have read my Christmas Presents That Mean More blog post. Well, this year, it didn’t happen. I have made Christmas presents for my family and friends ever since I can remember…at least 20 years. When I say make Christmas presents, I mean something that is pretty simple like a soup mix, some type of candy, drink coasters, bookmarks or a small bag.

This year I tried and failed for the first time! šŸ˜¦

I had a great idea, meticulously picked out the supplies trying to match to family members’ personalities and then I screwed it up (or so I thought).

I bought towels and ribbon to make a hanging kitchen towel. I found the idea here on One Good Thing by Jillee. hanging-dish-towel

It is a somewhat simple project, thus the reason I chose it. I didn’t get started early enough to allow for mistakes or hiccups in the process, mainly due to my arm being broken and all. ;-). I pinned the ribbon to the towel and started sewing it on the edges. The ribbon crawled like crazy but I didn’t let it discourage me. I just kept truckin’ along. By the time I finished and gathered the top ribbons, it didn’t look as bad as I thought it would. The gathers covered my sins!

But it was very frustrating trying to keep the ribbons straight and not coming up short on the sides so I thought about how to fix the problem overnight. I guess I should’ve let those thoughts percolate some more because I royally screwed up with the so called fix.

I had the genius idea of using Steam a Seam Tape and iron the ribbons down first to prevent the crawling. I did the first one and thought, WOW! this looks nice. I just kept going with the tape and finished about 7 of the towels. Then when I took one of them to the machine to start sewing the edges, it hit me in the back of the head like Jethro Gibbs and I realized I would not be able to release the tape to thread the smaller ribbon underneath it. DOH!!!

How in the heck am I going to give a towel with two pieces of ribbon ironed to them that really have no purpose! Now, mind you, it’s like December 22nd or 23rd and I need them finished by Christmas day. I got so frustrated, I threw all of them down on my cutting table and walked away. I was so mad at myself that I waited so long to get this project started and now I really messed it up.

Once I got over my feelings of failure, where did I go? Pinterest of course to find how I could fix this mess by turning them into something else and still give them to family members. They might be late but I guess better late than never and that way I won’t break my gift giving streak!

A couple of ideas on how to save the project:

Add more ribbon and possibly fabric to gussy them up a little more. Like this.

Sewing_Ribbon Dishtowel_Tutorial_DSC_2288
Aesthetic Nest

Make them into a makeup brush roll or toothbrush/toothpaste roll like this.

Whimsy Love

Leave them be and add velcro like this.

Martha Velcro Towel
Martha Stewart

Here is a pic of the failuresĀ 20160108_161125.jpg

Any ideas??



5 thoughts on “Failure is an Option

  1. I like what you’ve done so far. You don’t have to thread ribbon through, when I’m tired if a project I look at alternatives (because I make tons of mistakes and always rush). I would just sew another slim ribbon on the ends and its the same effect. And late Christmas gifts aren’t really late, they become New Year Gifts!

    1. Debbie, I am very tempted to finish them with the velcro idea since it seems to be the fastest option. But I do love the idea of them being more functional so I am leaning towards the idea of making them into toiletry rolls. I hope to finish them in the following week. Please sign up on my email list to see how they turn out. Thanks for the comment!

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