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One Hand Tied Behind My Back

I have bWrapped Armeen at home now since October 30th. I fractured my wrist (left, thank goodness) in 4-6 places. I am not going into how I exactly did it. 🙂 Since I have been home basically relaxing withPreOpscan0002 some intermittent pain, my creative juices and entrepreneurial spirit are overflowing. The creative things I like to do require two hands. This is definitely when I wished God had blessed me with the talent of writing and/or drawing.

I am on Pinterest, YouTube and Crafting Blogs overload and no way of trying any of what I am finding… ugh! I am brainstorming business ideas and when I see people like Chip and Joanna Gaines (Magnolia Homes), who are living their dreams, I just want to take that leap.

How about you? What are your dreams? How did you take that leap? Did something happen all the sudden one day that just made you say, “I’m going for it!”

Hopefully, yours was not a painful experience like mine!

Yes, this entry was pecked out one slow and aggravating letter at a time. 😉


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