The Patient Gardener

We moved into this house November 2006. Well, I should say David moved in then and I officially moved in when we married in February 2007. During the 9 years we have been here, we have had many sweat equity projects but the front lawn and garden I think is one of my proudest. I am not a plant person but I have gotten some better in the past couple of years. I now have 4 houseplants that are doing quite well. The outside plants not so much because you see I am not an outside person and I tend to forget to water….poor babies. But, I guess we chose outside plants pretty well for this south Texas weather because they haven’t died yet. 😉

In the after pics you see a hibiscus, a water lily, nandinas, caladiums, some type of grass, foxtail fern, two different types of moss, wandering jew around the pine tree and lots and lots of spider grass along with the shrubs that was planted when we bought the house. The adding of the paver border also helps create a cleaner look and keeps most of the grass at bay.

Just to show you the difference between 2006 and now, the top two pictures were taken right before closing and the cedar bush covering almost all of the front left of the house was the first to go…it was a huge, ugly eyesore.

100_3251Picture 047

The last four pictures were taken this past weekend. As you can see, the dog is not camera shy and yes, that is a Razorback statue (WPS!) in the background with the dog. 🙂 Along with the plantings, dear hubby added two additional porch lights on the brick.The next project. . . a new fall wreath for the front door. Will post that a later time.

k20151003_182141 20151003_182204 20151003_182229 20151003_182244


2 thoughts on “The Patient Gardener

  1. I love your house. You asked me about me about the metal house and I wanted to come by and answer your ?’s. The metal house has central heat and air and a backup heating source that looks like a fireplace in the kitchen area. I will see if I can do more pics. this year when I go over and decorate for Christmas. The outside is the only thing metal about it. Inside it is just like a regular house. The bills actually run cheaper than a regular house though because of the metal. It’s incredible. His highest electric bill in Summer is like $90 bucks. My hubby and I are talking about building one on the farm in the next few years.



    1. We are moving within the next 6 months. We would like to move off grid or semi off grid either somewhere around Idaho or maybe even back to Arkansas where I am from. We are looking at different options for either building a house or buying a farmhouse. Thank you for replying so soon. I look forward to seeing more pictures of the house and your Christmas decorations.

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