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Bloom Where You Are Planted

This is the beginning of my Second and half year of being an elementary school librarian. I am still learningPencil Flower the ins and outs of elementary school life and making a lot of tweaks to my personality to interact with little people. After six years of dealing with almost grown people in an alternative school, I still have growing pains.

I am making more of a concerted effort to take care of my teachers so they know I am there for them and not trying to ask them to add one more thing to their plate.  I feel like it’s the little things that matter and if I can utilize my crafting skills to brighten their day, I will.

So….I made 50 flower pencils. One for each teacher and reading specialist. The photos are not the best. I am usually better at capturing my subject matter. I forgot to take the photos before I loaded the pencils up in the car to take to school.  There is really low light in the library and I am sometimes shaky with my phone camera but I think you get the idea.

The pencils are made with punched scrapbook paper (2 for every pencil). Then a map pin is pushed through the paper and eraser. Green ribbon tied on like leaves and an inspirational message tag finishes it off. The idea came from this site

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