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What time is it?

It’s that time . . . back to school and tomorrow my use of time will change drastically! I will be wrapped up in checking books out, teaching students how to use the library and the technology, checking books in, reading stories to students, supervising book fairs, helping teachers find materials and the list goes on and on.

So, for those of you  who thought that librarianship is dead, think again, because it is alive and well in Texas. 🙂

I have not given up my skills as a Home Economics Teacher, though. I just don’t use them quite as much or in the same way. I like to use them now to help out my fellow teachers. So, by helping the music teacher keep her technology handy, I made her an apron this summer and now she feels like a remote control ninja. 😉

Julie Apron
Music Teacher’s Apron – Texas Tech Colors

Sig Backgound1


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