In a Pickle


Two Saturdays ago, we went to one of many farmer’s markets here in the Houston Metro area. We even loaded up the dog in the car so he could take a stroll with us.  Although it was a pretty small market (we might have stayed a total of 30 minutes), I snapped up a nice little fruit, veggie and egg investment for the organic pantry at home.

The veggie man made me a deal: If I bought both bags of fresh purple hull peas, he would throw in a mess of okra. I took the deal and then spent the rest of my money on eggs and some pretty pricey peaches. The peaches were so worth it. So sweet and juicy!

Once home, I proceeded to look up pickled okra recipes.  I didn’t want to fry, boil or add them to a dish because I am the only one who eats okra in my household. And to me, the best way to eat them is pickled anyway. I came across Alton Brown’s recipe and thought, hmmmmm, if it’s Alton, it’s gotta be good and some of the ingredients looked a little different than other recipes out there. Rice wine vinegar? Whole peppercorns? Dried red chili peppers? Ok, this looks interesting.

The only change I made was the dried chili peppers. I couldn’t find any at the store where I decided to shop and I did not want to go chasing down chili peppers at other stores. I had to get home and get this done because if I waited too long, it wouldn’t get done.

I substituted red pepper flakes for the dried chili peppers. I can’t really tell if it was a viable substitution, but I do know the first jar I opened today was NOT HOT with pepper.

Otherwise, the result is pretty good. I prefer the okra to be cold but the flavor is more subtle so at room temperature they were quite tasty. I like the fact that the vinegar is not as strong and that allows for the peppercorn, mustard seed and garlic to come through more. If I try this recipe again, I will double the amount of dill so it’s flavor is more balanced with the other flavors.

So, if you would like to pickle your own okra here is Alton Brown’s recipe.

Alton Brown’s Pickled Okra

Please share your opinion about the recipe if you make them.

Be Patient: The pickled okra has to sit for 2 weeks before you can try them.

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