A lot can happen in 2 years

WOW! Has it been almost 2 years since I wrote a blog post??! I can’t believe it! So, let’s just have a run down of what’s happened in the last 2 years: Moved to NW Arkansas Got a job (exactly just that—a job to get me up here) Had the flu Diagnosed with Melonoma Cancer… Continue reading A lot can happen in 2 years

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Favorite Finds Friday-9-16-16

On Tip Tuesday of this week I wrote about a strategy that I find helpful when trying to get over heartbreak. This strategy is most helpful for reminding me of the characteristics or behaviors that God was presenting to me and I ignored them. So God is my focus for Favorite Finds Friday. I searched… Continue reading Favorite Finds Friday-9-16-16

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Tip Tuesday-The Naughty List-9-13-16

I really wanted to bring you a Tip this Tuesday about anything other than what is at the forefront of my mind right now but I just can’t come up with anything. So, my Tip is again relationship oriented. This time about a break in a relationship. There is tons of advice about how to… Continue reading Tip Tuesday-The Naughty List-9-13-16


Favorite Finds Friday-Will Travel To Eat-9-2-2016

I have been doing an enormous amount of driving since I have moved back to Arkansas. I think around 2000 miles, give or take. Driving and travelling that I have enjoyed immensely because I had been gone for 10 years and was chomping at the bits to get back to my home state so I… Continue reading Favorite Finds Friday-Will Travel To Eat-9-2-2016


Tip Tuesday-My new way to travel-8-30-2016

Airbnb….that’s the way to travel! I have used Airbnb on two different occasions in the last month and both times have been a great success. First Trip-house rental-very comfortable, great neighborhood and a relaxing getaway. The host was superb with instructions and amenities. The price was outstanding. The same as a hotel room. 2nd Trip-40ft… Continue reading Tip Tuesday-My new way to travel-8-30-2016

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Tip Tuesday-8-2-2016-Communicate

Communicate – You’ve heard this so many times as advice in all kinds of relationships. I am learning just how important this is! Now, when you are in a relationship where you feel safe to speak your mind – in a respectful way, of course, you are more apt to communicate more often. I have… Continue reading Tip Tuesday-8-2-2016-Communicate


Tip Tuesday-7-26-2016-Job Interview Strategies

Since I started job searching at the beginning of May, I have filled out numerous applications, written and tweaked my resume and cover letters more times than I can count and researched interview strategies until I am blue in the face. I have another interview tomorrow. I believe I am prepared with applicable resume and… Continue reading Tip Tuesday-7-26-2016-Job Interview Strategies